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Book Insight is the fastest-growing booking management company, comprising of a young and enthusiastic management with a high success portfolio. Our services provide various booking packages with a handsome prince. At Book Insight, we promise to offer you the greatest value and the most reliable booking services. We achieve this by continually molding our approach to your specific and developing user requirements to create customized services and programmers.

For visitirs entry in Book insight, use these credentials:

Email =
Password = flow123456
Email =
Password = userflow123


Unpaid Invoice
Add Users
Manage Users
Add Package
All Packages
All Addons
Add Addons
Booking Time


Version Release v-1.0.1.

  1. metaphor 28 Jan 2020 11:12:42 am

    Hi, i want to see live demo and is this theme support in ios? if not then is there any plan to release iPhone version?

  2. abdulvakhid 11 Feb 2020 11:32:11 am

    Hi, I want to buy this theme but I have a presale question. Is a user able to book a reservation without any payment? and we can see his booking in our admin panel even if he hasn’t pay?

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