Instituten - School Management System

Online Schools is a comprehensive introduction to online education. With increased availability and an ever-expanding range of courses to choose from, online enrollment is growing at an astounding rate. From elementary schools to the best online colleges, online schools vary in terms of methodology, cost, and quality. Instituten is such type of platform that provides homeschooling service.

As a visitor to enter Instituten through Live Preview, use these credentials:

Username : admin   Password : admin123



Account Setting
Manage Batch
Manage Courses
Staff Attendance
Manage Enquiry
Manage Student
Student Attendance
Manage Fee
Fee Reminder
Manage Result
Passout Student
Fee Report
Students Report
Expenses Report
Todo List
Mobile App


Version Release v-1.0.1.

  1. metaphor Purchased Expired 28 Jan 2020 11:00:40 am

    I like this dashboard. Is this HTML pages or fully developed system with database. Because I need this type school management system theme or any other fully developed platform.

  2. Extended-Design 30 Jan 2020 11:13:48 am

    have this develop any mobile version ? thanks

  3. sean 10 Feb 2020 09:56:04 am

    Hello, I am trying to get my webpage transtaled into different languages. What plugin would best integrate with this template or how can I get it translated?

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