Travel Go - Travel Management System - Prestashop

What we added in the new version ?

  • Complete CMS. Create beautiful pages ( Bootstrap template ) and pick header image for each page you have.
  • BLOG System
  • FORM System. Create as many forms as you like, place them in any page you want. Contact form, tailor made, booking form, reviews, any form you can imagine. You create it. You use it. If you want keep it in your database, if you want get it sent to your email.
  • FAQ System. Create many FAQs for your clients, travel agent. Place them in any page you want. Have full control.
  • Support System. Any problem with your clients. Let them use support system to reach you. Dedicate team and make your clients happy.
  • Maintanence Mode. We have created a maintanence mode for you to turn your website on and off with a click of a button
  • File system. Now you can add files to your clients’ page.
  • Module System. Now you can add our free add ons to your system. You can update the module without updating the whole system. Lots of free add ons are coming. Visa Application, Day Tours, Transfers, ToDO Module, Tailor Made Add ons are all coming for free.
  • Lots of improvements in the core system.
  • Many more features for you to enjoy

So now you dont need Wordpress and lots of plugins to run a website for tour operators and travel agencies. Everything you need for your website. FRONTEND and BACKEND. You will have the full control. Custom made for tour operators and travel agencies.


Full CMS with themes, Blog system, Form System, Support Module, FAQ Module.

With CMS, you can create your web site, pick different themes or use your own theme. Create a beautiful blog. With the best form system, create as many forms as you need. Contact form, booking form, tailor made form, customer reviews anything. Get it sent as email or save into your database. Solve your customer’s problem with Support Module. Create different FAQ pages, for your clients or travel agents.

Admin can

  • update (add , edit, remove ) all content on travellers, bookings, tours, hotels, travel agents, guides, cars, locations, suppliers.
  • add pricing and availabilities of tours and hotels
  • receive booking requests and see a log of booking requests
  • have full control of CMS. Create, update, remove pages web page.
  • add blog articles.
  • create Contact Forms, Booking Forms ( any type of forms) and place the forms in any page with a simple shortcode

Calendar - see all tours on a calendar. Add your google calendar to see all the holidays in any country you pick.

Travellers - contains all the information about travellers, booking details, invoices, payments, notes and files

Bookings - update (add , edit, remove ) all content on tours, hotels, flights, rent a car and extras bookings. Print vouchers and bookings. Have full control over bookings.

Tours - create tours with set date, daily departure or on request. Add different departure dates and tour capacity , make the tour featured or guaranteed departure with different optional tours. Create daily itinerary for the tour, print as pdf and email to your customers.

Tour Dates - Create a Booking List, Passport List and Other Details List with a click of a button for each departure. Add Remarks ( reminder ) for each departure.

Finance - Create Invoices for your customers. PDF print them, email them. Add payments to invoices. Have full control over your finance.


• Client Management ( Travelers Module )– You can easily add
and manipulate client profile information as well as track all related tours
payments and notes.
• Tour Management – You can manage all aspects of the tours
different departure dates
sites to go
group size
featured tour
guaranteed tour and also create PDF file to send to your customers.
• Bookings – Create bookings with one click. You can add as many travellers as you need under the same booking
add tours
rent a car or other extra services.




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